The Best Chiropractic Table Under $1,000 Dollars


Can you remember your first Chiropractic table? Was it one that you made in your garage or did you splurge and spend 15K on one that you “had to have” only to find out that does not fit your current practice style.

For many doctors who are just starting out into practice and looking for an affordable, durable table that will last for years to come, we want you to check this table out:

Enter the Earthlite Apex Chiropractic Table


This table features 3 inches of specialized foam, selected specifically for patient comfort and doctor functionality. You’ll appreciate the Apex heavy-duty metal construction and superior foam system with extra cushioning on the headpiece. Its modern design and seamless upholstery makes our Apex a true “Doctor’s Choice”.

Features & Specifications”

A businessman in a suit giving the thumbs-up sign (the thumb app• Modern design • Seamless upholstery • 3 inch high-density foam • Paper roll holder and cutter attachment • Stationary armrest • Powder coated white steel frame • 24 inches width x 72 inches length • Height: 19″ to 28″ • Weight: 101 pounds

•Warranty: Lifetime on frame, 3 years on vinyl covering, 3 years on foam

For just under $600 this table provides all the necessary equipment and features a doctor uses on a daily basis and is plush enough for even the most delicate of patients.

Product Test:

The first thing we noticed about this table when we had a chance to test it out was how STURDY and SOLID this table performed.  As a doctor and patient there is nothing worse than a long, skinny and unstable surface to work on.  This table is NOT that.  It has more than adequate width and does not rock side to side, even with the heaviest of patients as they “climb aboard” or roll over during an adjustment.

The second thing that we love is the variable height adjustment capability of the table.  Even though you have to manually insert a clip or screw a bolt into the frame, this table does offer variable height changes. Some of the more high priced tables, like the Leander, has mechanical buttons, but for 90% of practices where its only one doctor; we just fit it to the doctors height and comfort level and you are done!

Meyer DistributionThird, this table is PLUSH!  But in all honesty,we expected it to be so.  The brand, Earthlite, who manufactures the table has a long and storied history as the leader in the massage table industry and there is no reason why they can’t continue this trend in Chiropractic. This table is super comfortable, but also provides enough firmness to withstand the doctor adjusting patients A-P and for “anterior adjustments to the thoracics” all day long.

Lastly, the PRICE!  The thing that will attract many doctors to this table is the actual cost of this table. Don’t let the price of this table fool you, at less than $600 bucks this table is a bargain!  We have tested quite a few tables in this range and this table beats them all, hands down.  Our field testing doctors commented that this table should be priced in the $1,800-$2,500 range based on features and comfort level.

If you are looking for a rock solid table for your office that provides all the basics with a few of the bells and whistles, then we encourage you to check out the Apex!  Our friends over at MeyerDC provide the best deal on this table!  They will beat any online price and offer more than competitive shipping rates to get the table right to your adjusting room. Click below to find out more:

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