All of the great movements and social changes that have occurred across the globe over the last centuries were told at some point “THATS IMPOSSIBLE”.  But, here we sit on the other side of the revolution(s) and can see that it was in fact possible. Thank God a group of committed people did not believe it was impossible. Of course it was difficult, but not impossible. Becarevolutionary-war-american-soldier-two-randy-steeleuse of the bravery of many ordinary people, we now can enjoy more freedoms and awareness than ever in our history. As a matter of fact, the United States of America would not even exist as a nation today if not for a committed group of people that fought relentlessly for what they knew was right.

This is no doubt precisely where we sit with the necessary “healthcare system” revolution in the United States. People say its impossible to change the system. That it is ran by the pharmaceutical industry, the insurance industry etc….but based on historical examples, I must believe that not only is it possible, it must happen.

Because its RIGHT.

This is the most crucial component to any paradigm shift that has swept over the world at different times. They all held a deep truth, and once that truth was brought to light, it was undeniable. You could fight against it for a while with words, lies, money and power, but once the people got ahold of the truth in their heads and hearts, it was literally unstoppable. The impossible became undeniable.

[quote_center]The healthcare model must shift from a drug based, expensive technology, limited mechanistic, dangerous approach —–> to a vitalistic, wellness, HEALTH PROMOTION model that is centered around maintaing and supporting your health.[/quote_center]

This is for no other reason than it is the RIGHT approach to health and healthcare. Its the way the healthcare model should have always been. The people deserve that approach. You deserve that model of healthcare.

The stage we are in right now is this – The people are gaining awareness that the current system is flawed and incomplete at its foundation. It is an expensive, drug based, mechanistic model that must change. The other critical component is helping the people understand that there is a real solution that they deserve to have. Many are waking up to the fact that cheaper drugs and more access is not a solution, it does nothing to get people well and keep them well.

2BIq8limpact-health-care-reform-miamidade-71People are also making different choices. The revolution is underway. People are taking the power back that the medical model had robbed from them. They are seeking out different answers than drugs and surgery. They want approaches that makes sense and empower them. When you combine increased awareness with freedom of action, you have a revolution. The beauty of this revolution is that the entire world will benefit from a new awareness and a new paradigm for healthcare.

It will not happen by itself.

But that does NOT make it impossible.

Actually, its HAPPENING.

Ben RallDr. Ben Rall owned and operated a high value, high volume, 100% cash clinic in the midwest for several years.  His passion remains teaching people the “big idea” of health and healing.  He regularly hosted lay lectures for 200-300 people in his community.  His clinical and practice success allowed him to help manage over 450 chiropractic clinics across the globe.  He has helped open clinics in Africa, traveled around the world teaching chiropractic and delivering care, and even provide care for Olympic athletes including the 2012 games in London.  He currently resides in Atlanta, GA with his beautiful wife Megan and 2 subluxation free children: Jack and Grace.
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