Day 1 of the Chiropractic Christmas with Dr. Patrick Gentempo


Today is the start of our 10 Days of Chiropractic Christmas countdown and what better way to kick it off with none other than Circle of Docs Chairman Dr. Patrick Gentempo.

When we asked Dr. Gentempo how he wanted to start these 10 days of giving he had these words of wisdom:

Patrick Gentempo Circle of Docs“The way I see it, the case for chiropractic is so strong that the only weakness we have is our own self-imposed lack of clarity.  I spent dozens of hours pulling together scores of scientific references and then weaving them into a stream of inspired logic called THINK!

I am happy to gift this live presentation of THINK! where I present it to an audience of thousands of DCs.  It has been a very popular seller in my content catalog, but I am happy to offer this gift to the Circle of Docs tribe!  What should you expect by watching???  A lot!  More confidence, certainty, and credibility.  A bigger practice.  A better life.  Yea, that kind of stuff…

Here is the video:

Lets take it one step further:  Click the image below and you will get the exact PowerPoint that I used to create this dynamic and life changing presentation..  its my free gift to you!


In late January 2016 I am releasing a free, 3-part video series where I will be covering some other critical, high-value chiropractic topics.  If you’d like me to send that to you, simple register here: