The 10 Days of Chiropractic Christmas


This year has been incredible for Circle of Docs. We have been blessed by so many people within the Chiropractic industry that we wanted to take the next 10 days before Christmas and give thanks to all of you.

Here is what we are going to do: We polled a group of members and asked them what they feel that they needed help with in 2016 to elevate their practices.  We asked questions about every facet of practice and life.  The responses back were incredible.

To match those requests, we reached out to ten of the most sought after people in the profession and asked if they would be willing to bless the COD community with a special gift to each of you.

Originally we were going to ask that each of them provide a “present” that we would randomly choose a winner and give.  However, in keeping with the spirit of Christmas, we believe that it is better to always to give of more than it is to receive. So instead of giving one gift out per day we are going to give out the gift to all!

That’s right! For the next 10 days, we will be giving away a free gift to EVERY registered member of Circle of Docs EVERY SINGLE DAY.  You read that right!  Every day when you come to COD you will be able to download whatever the free gift of the day and utilize it in your practice and life.

10 Days of Chiropractic ChristmasNow, these are no flimsy gifts either.  These are meat and potatoes of many practices!

We think we have covered the entire gamut across the Chiropractic profession and the gifts that you are about to receive are transformational. Gifts range from new patient marketing, patient retention, new patient orientations, philosophy, social media marketing, research and many more.

What do we ask of you?

  1. Simply, download and enjoy each day! Be sure to come back every day for the free gift.
  2. Tell Others!  That’s right: We want to continue to grow this community and we need your support!  Share this page and tell your friends about COD.  Post this on Facebook, Tweet it out, or email it to your list of “chiro” friends.   All are welcome at COD and we want to help your practice grow!

Lastly, we want to thank each of our contributors for being so generous with these gifts (many originally cost several thousand dollars) and we encourage you to learn more about each of these ‘gift givers’.

Without further a do…. lets get ready to open some gifts and elevate our profession together.

The 10th Day of Chiropractic Christmas will begin on Tuesday, December 15th

Go to Day 1 of the countdown!