FluidStance: Making Your Stand Up Desk Even Healthier


By: Frankie Jenkins

You may remember a few months back I wrote an article about a great stand up desk from ReadyDesk.

While that desk is amazing, I found that it was very hard for me to stand still during working hours. Call it extra energy, too much coffee or what it really is…adult ADHD šŸ˜‰

My Mission: find something to compliment the stand up desk and change up the monotony of standing still for even as little as 20 min. at a time.

A short Google search and an answer was at my fingertips…

The Answer: A LevelĀ®Ā from FluidStance!HybridBottomHero_grande

Let me tell you, there are no disappointments in this magnificent creation. Ā From the time you open the box, even the packaging is beyond expectation.


Fluidstance (1 of 1)


TheĀ LevelĀ®Ā is masterfully created! Ā The sleek modern look and craftsmanship is top notch.

Stepping on the Level, I knew right away, I had found exactly what I was looking for to combat the boredom of standing sedentary for the working day. Ā Immediately my core wasĀ engaged and my posture improved. Ā (And you thought standing alone was an improvement over sitting, now in walks FluidStance)


TheĀ LevelĀ®Ā is availableĀ in a few different styles to compliment your work place:


The Original Handmade LevelĀ®Ā – Available in a variety of colors:CoalBottomHero_2048x2048

The LevelĀ® GrainĀ – Solid Bamboo:


The LevelĀ® GrainĀ – Maple:



The LevelĀ® – Artist Edition



There are many accessories for yourĀ LevelĀ®Ā as well, making it simple to adapt FluidStance for your entireĀ office:


2016-09-05_13552016-09-05_1350 b


The bottom line…sitting is not a healthy option for theĀ work or office atmosphere. Standing is much better for your overall health, but building your core while improving your balance at the same time brings a whole new mindset and creativity to your environment! I noticed a difference from the start and you will too!

As the Founder of FluidStance states –Ā 

Motion enables curiosity, giving wings to creativity. Ā Our collective, creative move awaits… Ā 

– Joel, Founder


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