Have you heard that “sitting is the new smoking?”

Studies show that “there’s a direct relationship between time spent sitting and your risk of early mortality of any cause, researchers said, based on a study of nearly 8,000 adults. As your total sitting time increases, so does your risk of an early death.”

Sit less and move more is what the American Heart Association is encouraging all of us to do.  How do you do that if you have to work at a desk all day?

We here at Circle of Docs has found the answer for you!

We have taken the arduous task of finding the perfect solution out of your things-to-do pile!

What is it?

So glad you asked!!

The WorkFit-TL, Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation from Ergotron


This easily adjustable desk allows for sitting or standing –

in under 3 seconds…


Let us just say, we have had some experience with stand-up desks prior to this one.  However, not understanding or knowing what we needed, or what is important with a stand-up desk; we sure didn’t know what we were missing!  The WorkFit-TL desktop converter fills that gap to a healthy work environment!

When this WorkFit-TL arrived…it was packaged extremely well.  Assuming there would be some assembly, we quickly got some basic tools ready.

To our surprise, this desk is literally READY TO GO as soon as it is unpackaged.  Remove a few shipping precautionary items and VOILA the desk is usable right away!

Adjusting the height is even easier!!  After all of the equipment – monitor, keyboard, etc. are placed on it, adjusting it is simply the squeezing levers on both sides.  Within seconds you can go from sitting to standing!  The desk extends high enough that I can assure that it would be comfortable for most people, even those above average height.

The best part of this desktop WorkFit-TL at your home office is its flexibility.  Unlike some desktop workstations that don’t adjust and take up a ton of space, the WorkFit unit collapses down to a slim desktop workstation within seconds.

Specs of the Ergotron WorkFit


Ideal for converting corner desks to sit-stand workspaces, the WorkFit-T adjustable standing desk has a small footprint to fit any space. Access to height-adjustable standing desks help promote well-being by introducing healthy an more frequent movement into the workday by transforming everyday offices into ergonomic spaces. This workstation has a stable base and an easy, crank-free lift adjustment for making your WorkFit-T a standing desk. The WorkFit-T can hold up to 40 lbs. (15.9 kg) and moves straight up and down with 15 inches (38 cm) of vertical adjustment, moving your monitor and keyboard in tandem. With no installation required, simply place your WorkFit-T desktop on your work surface and begin working. You can easily add accessories such as monitor mounts for an even more efficient workspace. Ships fully assembled and comes with a full five-year warranty. Available in black or white finishes.

  • Part Number: 33-397-085 (dark gray surface, black frame), 33-397-062 (white surface, white frame)
  • Description: WorkFit-T Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation
  • Ships fully assembled; no tool-adjustments needed for installation
  • Footprint = 35″ x 25″ (89 x 64 cm)
  • Fits on desk surfaces 24″ (61 cm) deep or larger
  • Keyboard tray dimensions = 25″ x 9″ (64 x 23 cm). Recommended maximum keyboard width = 18″ (45 cm)
  • Keyboard moves in tandem with the worksurface. Tray is positioned 4.5″ (11.4 cm) below worksurface to maintain ergonomic spacing between screen height and keyboard
  • Displays can be placed directly on the worksurface. Alternatively, use our monitor mount kits to integrate displays into system (see accessories)
  • This product is certified in compliance with indoor air quality standards defined by ANSI/BIFMA pertaining to emissions of VOC (volatile organic compounds)
  • Product Weight: 49 lbs (22.3 kg)
  • Shipping Dimensions: 38.5″ x 28″ x 8.5″ (98 x 71 x 21.6 cm)
  • Shipping Weight: 58.5 lbs (26.6 kg)
  • Warranty: Five (5) years

Ergotron sells several desktop converters, including the WorkFit-T, Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation, which offers users a slightly smaller footprint. Here are a few reasons why you may want to explore a WorkFit product.

Maybe a desktop version is not what you need Ergotron has a desk for every need…

Cart Style


Full Size Desk

Wall Mount

Check back next week when Dr. Pierce reviews the full sized stand-up desk!

More Information…

Ergotron has something for everyone!  Their website is a plethora of information…encouraging a healthier work space.

Try the online workspace planner at planner.ergotron.com to help ensure, whether sitting or standing, your workstation is optimized for you.

The Ergotron Blog has great information to share with patients on a regular basis on how they can improve their work/work from home environment as well.


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