Ever wonder what it’s like behind the scenes of a house call practice? If you’re curious to see the marketing and sales strategies that attract patients very easily…so were we!

We got in touch with Dr. Faber, the founder of House Call Practice and asked her if she would be so kind as to give you a brief overview of everything that you will need to create the House Call practice of your dreams.

In this video she pulls back the curtain and shows you the 12-week program that she created to help chiropractors build their own house call practice.

Check out these mind blowing stats on Dr. Jen’s average “day in the life.” This will make you seriously consider offering house calls!

  • Makes $12,000/mo in house calls (and spends less than $900 on overhead).
  • Works only 15 hours a week.
  • Average patient pays $120 per appointment. ALL CASH.
  • Typical PVA is over 90!

Now Dr. Jen is showing chiropractors how to achieve the same results…and build a practice where you can work less, spend less, and make more.

So, if there is even the slightest interest in house calls, watch the video walk-through review below she just created exclusively for COD members.

Note: We are assuming if you are reading this product review that you have already opted in for her 3-Part Free Video Series on “How to Build a Practice with House Calls”…if not, go check it out right now! Click here. 

Ok, let’s take a look inside the program:

The House Call Practice Program is a 12-week online training program that contains video training, audio coaching calls, and practice systems that you can instantly use to build your practice. All of your training will be contained in an online portal which you will gain access to when you register with 24/7 access on any device.

There are 4 modules in the House Call Practice Program that will be delivered to you over the course of 12 weeks:

Module 1: Practice Setup

Module 2: Marketing Systems

Module 3: Sales Systems

Module 4: Practice Management

To get free training on how to build your practice with house calls, click here to sign up. It’s only available to COD members for a few more days.