5-Star Posture Expert Certification



In a recent review published by the International Posture Association, the Certified Posture Expert Program by the American Posture Institute was ranked number one on the market!

According to the International Posture Association, the Certified Posture Expert program is “The world’s leading posture expert certification. A must-do for all healthcare professionals!”

Find out why…

 Systematic Approach of Posture:

The Certified Posture Expert program is an all-inclusive course to educate healthcare professionals of the structure and function of the Posture System, societal patterns of postural decline and how this impacts public health, how postural distortion patterns compromise physiology and is associated with common pathologies, how to perform a Complete Posture Analysis with clinical precision, and proven correction strategies.

The American Posture Institute emphasizes the importance of anti-gravity posture, explaining how flexor dominant posture is a less evolved position of human design. Correction strategies are targeted at improving upright, extended posture against gravity while static and performing dynamic movements.

Participants learn the structure and function of the Posture System and pathologic consequences that occur due to postural distortion patterns. Once they have a clear grasp of the research and the anatomy and physiology of the Posture System, students learn how to perform a Complete Posture Analysis with clinical accuracy.

The “Complete Posture Analysis” is a structural, functional, and neurologic assessment of the posture system. Assessments include advanced Posture Imaging, The Wade Technique for Postural Analysis, and the Spinal Push Test. Learners discover why the Wade Technique for Postural Analysis instantly validates any posture examination, and how to efficiently find the levels of postural instability of the spine with the Spinal Push Test.

Full correction protocols are taught to students with emphasis of the 360-degree approach to postural correction. The American Posture Institute’s method includes spinal alignment anti-gravity treatments, posture rehabilitation including cutting edge active and passive strategies to correct postural distortion patterns, and posture habit re-education for correction of postural distortion patterns while static and performing dynamic movements.

If you have not had a chance to check out American Posture Institute, HERE is your Free Pass to their 3 Video Course on the relationship between posture and neurology

The In-Depth Certification Curriculum:

The curriculum of the certification consists of four modules. Upon completion of all four modules, there is a comprehensive examination for certification.

Module 1: In module one, students learn the principles of posturology. They are informed of why posture is declining at the speed of technology, and how this affects the biologic sustainability of the human population. Correlations are presented that demonstrate public health impact of poor posture and why proper posture is a fundamental aspect of health, wellness, and optimal human performance.

Module 2: The second module includes a full explanation of the Posture System from development into adulthood. The Posture System is broken down into four posture quadrants. Within each posture quadrant, learners develop full understanding of structure and function and the effects of postural distortion patterns in terms of physiologic compromise and the development of pathology.

Module 3: In module three, students learn how to perform a “Complete Posture Analysis” which is a structural, functional, and neurologic postural examination to determine exactly where the postural distortion patterns are located. Students learn how to implement and understand advanced concepts of clinical analysis including Posture Imaging, the Wade Technique for Postural Analysis, and the Spinal Push Test.

Module 4: Module four includes correction strategies to correct complex postural distortion patterns affecting human design. Students are taught how to perform the “Complete Postural Correction” an anti-gravity correction strategy for immediate postural correction results.

Then learners gain full understanding of how to implement advanced postural rehabilitation strategies such as vibration therapy, posture taping, reverse posture exercises, and spinal traction to name a few. In addition to this, participants learn how to teach their patients postural habit re-education to develop neuroplastic pathways that support proper posture during their daily activities.

Business and Practice Growth Education:

In addition to the comprehensive education of Posturology, the American Posture Institute provides participants with in-depth training of how to become the “Go-to Posture Expert.”

This material provides new age marketing strategies teaching Posture Experts how to build expert authority via social media. The “Go-To Posture Expert Kit” contains three advanced trainings of how to build your social media empire, how to build a loyal following on social media, and how to become the Go-To expert in your community.

They also equip their students to make a community impact through the implementation of the Corporate Posture Program in local business. The Corporate Posture Program consists of a how to guide to set up corporate talks, Powerpoint slides, and a written scrip that has been proven to convert corporate employees into patients – time and time again.

The American Posture Institute does the work for you so you can be a successful Posture Expert. In addition to the Corporate Posture Program for community outreach, they provide students with 12 Posture Workshops to be implemented monthly for new patients! These workshops are a source of predictable practice growth for Posture Experts.

Founders’ Credentials

IMG_2634COD-3-225x300Drs. Mark Wade and Krista Burns are each Doctors of Chiropractic and have PhDs in Public Health & Health Policy. Dr. Wade & Dr. Burns are said to be the 2 most Credentialed Posture Experts in the world containing more than 40 certifications on posture, neurology, and human function in addition to their clinical doctorates, and their PhD degrees.

Dr. Wade and Dr. Burns are internationally renowned for their teaching abilities, engaging public speaking, and the textbook they have co-authored called the “Principles of Posturology.“ They have worked with professional athletes and are the official Posture Experts for the 5-time Superbowl championship team the Parma Panthers.