“In the spirit of full disclosure, there is an affiliate link in this product review which means that we may get a commission if you decide to purchase anything from Philosophy Formula. We only recommend products & systems that we use and love, so we know you’ll be in good hands.” -COD Team

Today we are reviewing Dr. Patrick Gentempo’s flagship program called The Philosophy Formula.

We are going to take you on a behind the scenes tour of what is entailed in the Philosophy Formula. We will shows you some unexpected gems and a few things that we think are the “secret sauce” to this program.

This product review is done by our founder, Dr. Beau Pierce, and expresses his viewpoint while he was taking the course.

To start: We are presuming that you have opted in and watched the 3 Free Videos that Dr. Gentempo has recently released.  If not, we suggest that you go and grab these Free videos immediately.

Now, let’s take a tour inside the actual course.  Click the video below

The Good

  • The course is super solid and actionable. Each week ( the course is 12 weeks long) you are given a 45-90 minute video that talks about one aspect of your mindset, your practice and/or your life. Each video is very well made, transformative and will leave you filled with things to change in your self and practice.
  • The Open Office Hours that are held 3x per week are awesome!  I learned so much each week from the other people who were in my class and the ability to ‘literally’ ask Dr. Gentempo anything is worth its weight in gold. Dr. Gentempo, who is a procedures experts, answers many questions about procedures and their implementation.  Everything from new patients, ROF, in office lectures, etc were covered in the Open Office hours. Bonus: Dr. Gentempo also gave away a ton of power points, PDF’s, audios, etc that we all found timely with each of the open office hours.
  • The Zenith event at the end of the 12 weeks was great!  It was incredible to have so many “chiro all-stars” on one Google Hangout at one time.  It was action packed.

The Bad

  • If you are looking for a course specifically on “how to do procedures”, then this is probably NOT the course for you. Even though the course is not a “do this” type procedures course, it is about aligning your procedures in new and better ways to grow your practice. I will add that this course does give you an immense amount of materials and “procedural processes to follow” but its aim is to go much deeper than sending you paperwork on “how to” perform your exams or how to adjust an ilium.  This course is designed to challenge your mindset and the philosophy you have about your practice and life.
  • The second thing is that this course requires that you go all in!  If you are looking for a “fluff course” designed to make you feel good about yourself and chiropractic, then this is most definitely NOT the course for you. Many times during the course I felt as if I was attending more of a therapy session than a Chiropractic course.  Every week I felt challenged to go home, digest the material and then go to work to put action steps in place to work for myself, my office, and my ability to be a better person for my family.


The Bottom Line

Are you ready to challenge the way you “think” about what your life and Chiropractic philosophy is all about? Are you ready to elevate not only your practice, but also those around you? Then this is the course for you. The course is $997 bucks and worth 10x that amount.

Go all in, commit, and you will be changed forever!  Your practice will elevate and you will serve more people than you ever have before…Dr. Gentempo guarantees it!

One more thing:  This year’s class for Philosophy Formula is very limited.  He only takes the first 300 people and then the course is shut down till next year ( it usually fills up in less than 21 hours).  He is letting COD members have first dibs, so go now and claim your spot below