Black Friday & Weekend Chiropractic Deals


Are you looking for some great deals for your Chiropractic office?  Then look no further.  We got together with our friends over at MeyerDC and they are offering some amazing deals, up to 70% off.

Here are the deals:

  1. MammaGard Clinicians Pack

image-012-1200x939Provide your patients with personalized protection and comfort during prone examination or treatment with the MammaGard™ Clinician Pack. Ideal for accommodating the needs of small clinic environments and non-prescribing practitioners, the Clinician Pack includes 5 orthotic devices in the most popular sizes and firmnesses. MammaGard™ orthotics are scientifically proven to reduce the pain, compression and loading breast structures endure during prone examination or treatment. Stock your clinical setting today.

See our product review about the MammaGard


2. BodyMed Square Electrodes

NPP4012IR-2cirlefoam.jpg-Default-WorkingFormat-479Wx479HBodyMed®’s Fabric Back – Aggressive Adhesive Electrodes are reliable and sturdy. They come off as easily as they go on, and because they are reusable, they provide secure accurate connections in an economical, convenient way. These fabric-backed electrodes are latex-free, designed to work with TENS and electronic muscle stimulators. Designed with soft, conformable lead wire connectors, these electrodes give you superior grip to the lead wire pin. Reusable Electrodes also come with adhesive gel.


3. BodyMed Analog TENS

ZZA350-AnalogTENS-Unit.jpg-Default-WorkingFormat-225Wx225HEconomy Analog 2 Channel TENS Unit (3 Modes with Timer) Features

  • Features dual, isolated channels with asymmetrical, biphasic, square pulse rate.
  • Protective caps over amplitude adjustment knobs prevent unintended changes.
  • Pulse intensity is adjustable from 0 mA to 80 mA peak into 500 ohm load into each channel.
  • Pulse rate is adjustable from 2 Hz to 120 Hz.
  • Adjustable pulse width 40 μs to 260 μs.
  • Cycle bursts 2 bursts/second, 9 pulses/burst and 100 Hz.
  • Pulse width is automatically varied in a 6-second interval.
  • Offers 3 modes: burst, constant and modulation.
  • Optional timer can be set for 30- or 60-minute treatment periods or continuous.
  • Utilizes standard lead wires and “pigtail”-style electrodes.
  • Includes hard plastic carrying case, 2 lead wires, 1 pack of 4 electrodes, 9-volt battery and operation manual.
  • With timer.

4. BodyMed Headrest Paper with Slot

ZZR101SLT-HeadrestPaperSlitEconomy Headrest Tissue Features

  • Available in slotted for patient comfort and easy breathing or unslotted.
  • Box creates easy storage solution and keeps exam area looking clean.
  • Size: 12″ x 12″.
  • Sold by box of 1000 sheets.
12″ x 12″
Nose Slot, Without Nose Slot
Unit Of Measure:
1000 Pack
PER2044OZ360-360Spray-4ozBIOFREEZE 360° Spray is formulated to temporarily relieve minor aches and pains of the back, joints and muscles often associated with arthritis, tendinitis and sore muscles from overexertion. Recommended by clinical professionals as the #1 topical spray analgesic because it delivers fast-acting, longer lasting pain relief to the hardest to reach areas of the body. The 360° Spray works from any angle – even upside down and contains a blend of menthol, MSM, ILEX and other natural botanicals, is colorless and, like all our BIOFREEZE products, is paraben- and propylene glycol-free.


6. RockTape Rock N Roller

RockNRoller-PackagedRockTape’s brand new mobility and stretching products take an updated look at traditional myofascial release techniques. The RockNRoller Foam Roller was designed by movement and medical industry professionals with a unique Fascial Fingers™ roller pattern to better stretch out knots and tense muscles. These smooth, raised ridges also provide easy pressure manipulation for patients new and seasoned with foam rolling and myofascial release. Not only does the RockNRoller Foam Roller assist with pre- and post-treatment muscle recovery, but the end caps screw off to offer internal storage for balls, bands, wallets and car keys. A convenient carrying strap is included for easy transportation to and from your practice. RockTape’s staff of professionals have also created the Movement Manifesto, an instructional booklet containing revolutionary rolling theories and stretching methods to assist patients with foam rolling techniques they can utilize at home. This fold-out poster is full of information about common problem areas, as well as the most effective methods for releasing muscle tightness while increasing flexibility. Use the Movement Manifesto alongside your treatment for the best patient outcomes. Retail the RockTape RockNRoller Foam Roller in your practice and provide patients with a comprehensive myofascial release foam roller to improve muscle tightness and feel better.


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