Business owners in every industry face a wide variety of obstacles. Find out how to eliminate complications and transform your business to produce exponential growth. Join us, February 23rd to 25th, at the Business Finishing School Business Mastery Intensive Bootcamp in Dallas, Texas. Unleash new value by implementing the proven success strategies of the Business Finishing School Program. Now in its seventh year, the Business Mastery Intensive Bootcamp offers thought-provoking sessions that engage and inspire. With top-notch attendees from around the country, the event maintains an intimate dialogue and also offers excellent marketing and networking opportunities.

This three-day event brings together hundreds of people like you- hungry for the methods and principles needed to grow a business. Through inspiring keynotes and interactive breakouts, participants will gain valuable information and actionable advice from established entrepreneurs and peers. Our mission is to make entrepreneurs the best-trained business leaders in the world. We also want to deliver these tools to young people, who desire to make a difference. Wouldn’t it be great if you could turn back the clock and learn these tactics earlier in life? We encourage you to bring your teenagers and allow them to experience this opportunity now.

Discover the impact that toleration has on your life. You will leave having accomplished the integration of simplicity, probability and leverage into your thinking, actions, employees and your family. With a new focus on work-family balance, this event will produce immediate results for all. Seats are limited. We hope to see you there!


“This program is a must for anyone looking to run their business or their family with greater certainty, simplicity, leverage and probability of greater outcomes. Through this program, we have witnessed greater growth and long-term direction, while at the same time, reduced our stress levels and those of our employees. After 19-years in business, I can honestly say that this is the most solid program, based on sound principles, that will take you to where you can envision and do so with absolute integrity.

-Dr. Darryl Roundy, Gig Harbor, Wk