Chiropractic Management and Manipulative Therapy for MRI Documented Cervical Disk Herniation


Chiropractic Management  and Manipulative Therapy for MRI Documented  Cervical Disk Herniation

BenEliyahu DJ

OBJECTIVE:   This case study reports on three cases of patients with documented cervical disk herniations, who responded to chiropractic management and manipulative therapy.

CLINICAL FEATURES:   Three patients complaining of neck pain with radiation of pain and tingling into the upper extremities had positive magnetic resonance imaging scans consistent with cervical disk herniations. They also had positive neurophysiologic testing with positive thermography scans and electrodiagnostic studies.

INTERVENTION AND OUTCOME:   The patients were prescribed a treatment regimen consisting of chiropractic management including bracing, physiotherapy, cervical manipulative procedures, traction and exercises. The patients responded well to care as evidence by posttreatment MRI, electrodiagnostic studies, clinical exam findings and thermography scan findings.

CONCLUSION:   Patients with and without nerve root compression secondary to cervical disk herniation can and do respond well to chiropractic care. Chiropractic management of this condition can and should be employed prior to more invasive treatment.