– Motivates patients to think big and focus on health and wellness as an absolute priority

This is a question and answer with New World Chiro’s Director and Founder, Dr.Rosemarie Jabbour.


A desire to show people a natural healthcare alternative while inspiring positive change in the world has been at the centre of New World Chiro’s success for over 18 years. We speak with chiropractor Dr. Rosemarie Jabbour on her recent experience meeting Sir Richard Branson.

Q) How did the chance to meet Sir Richard Branson come about?

Dr. Jabbour: I was invited to attend the Change Makers Rule Breakers event on Sir Richard Branson’s private Necker Island. Of course I jumped at the chance to do this. The event was designed to develop and nurture a family of individuals who challenge the status quo with fresh new ideas and innovations. I thought to myself, that’s exactly what chiropractic is about, so I signed up.

Q) In attending the event, what did you hope to do?

Dr. Jabbour: The aim of my meeting was to promote natural health and chiropractic care to a network of influential people, including Sir Richard Branson. I was hoping to connect with world-changing individuals, which I did, to help better position how I communicate the benefits of chiropractic care to the
wider community.

Q) What was the experience like?

​Dr. Jabbour: I had the most surreal experience. It was definitely an experience that is ticked off my bucket list. ​To be in the presence of like-minded successful people, who are making global changes to society, was a mind-expanding

Q) How did the experience motivate/inspire you?

​Dr. Jabbour: The surroundings were beautiful and relaxing, which allowed the expansion and sharing of ideas. To have the whole island to your self and to sit at the same table with one of the most amazing, motivated, awe inspiring and change-making individuals – Sir Richard Branson – was a dream come true.

Q) Before embarking on this trip, how did you view your role as a chiropractor
and business owner?
Dr. Jabbour: Before the trip, I was playing small and thinking small. I thought that was the only level I was capable of working, playing, experiencing and thinking
at. I now know that I am capable of so much more.

Q) How do you view your role as a chiropractor now? 

Dr. Jabbour: We, as humans, are capable of so many things, many amazing and globe changing ideas. That is the level I will lead my life now. That is the level I
will motivate everyone around me to live at, from my patients to the broader community. Through chiropractic, I want to inspire my patients to realise that they too, can change the world.
Failure is not an option. But if it does happen, we just pick ourselves up and keep going. Life is far too short. ​

Q) How is the experience going to enhance your chiropractic work and the running of your clinic?

Dr. Jabbour: The inspiration I experienced from the Change Makers event is already helping my local community as I am refocusing my efforts to tackle some serious health issues here in Australia, including opioid addiction, the back pain burden and employee health and wellness. Sir Richard Branson values health and strives for a healthy lifestyle. I’m motivated to use Richard’s focus on health to inspire every patient in the clinic, and every person in our community, and globally, to place their health and wellness as my absolute priority. Without your health, you have nothing in life.
Our practice is now a part of the global movement for keeping our oceans clean: the Global Blue Project. We will inspire people to live an extraordinary life and to help live in harmony with earth, naturally, for the betterment of future generations.​

About Dr. Rosemarie Jabbour
Dr. Rosemarie Jabbour is the proud owner of New World Chiro, a visionary chiropractic clinic located in Parramatta Australia.
In addition to providing chiropractic care for a range of musculoskeletal issues, Dr. Rosemarie’s mission is to impart inspiration and vision into each of her
patients, to let them know that chiropractic care is a health journey, with the destination being only limited by imagination. By offering a unique, multi-disciplinary approach to health, patients gain both tremendous value and outstanding health results through their engagement with this clinic.

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