To Stand Out You Have To Stand Up.


While some show up as being anti-vaccination or anti-therapy or anti-first visit adjusting, you can’t win by being against something. Success requires that you be “for” something. As in being for trusting the wisdom of the body. Being for self-responsibility. Being for natural.

When you stand for something, you risk offending or polarizing those who may feel threatened by your conviction. That’s the rub. Far too many are unwilling to take a stand because someone might object or disagree. Those who have been deceived into believing that showing up beige, lukewarm and being all-things-to-all-people makes you more attractive, take the safer path.

To mediocrity.

Avoid the temptation to fly under the radar. Playing small doesn’t grow you or your practice. Worse, it requires far too much tongue biting, political correctness and second-guessing your instincts. To attract you must be willing to repel.


-Bill Esteb via Patient Media