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To be great at Personal Injury we must first understand what we are working with by looking at it from a totally different perspective from what is conventionally taught. Getting it right means big money. You can have a busy practice and do PI well once you master:

The System: what works, what doesn’t, the carrier, the patient, the attorney, the arguments.

The Injury: what it is, treating it, educating the patient, documenting it (taking the defense arguments off the table), supporting the attorney, closing the patient for future care and future referrals

Getting Paid: take the great cases, close the crappy cases as cash, cutting through the BS, UCC liens, supporting the attorney and becoming the go to resource for the great PI attorneys in your area, how to align with the right attorneys to get great consistent referral sources.

Below is a quick snapshot of what the PI Beast Camp looks like:

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June 3-4 in OC, California
July 15-16 in Minnesota
Sept 23-24 in chicago
October 21-22 in Chicago
Dec 2-3 Chicago


DC-Brad-GlowakiBio: The PI Beast Camp teaches personal injury techniques to chiropractors. Dr. Brad Glowaki, D.C. is ‘The PI Beast’ and is currently in a high-volume practice. He is not a coach, or a part of a Management group, but has frequently been a guest speaker on many occasions for those groups. He has also been a keynote speaker at many State Associations and simply shares methodologies and techniques to communicate the message of chiropractic’s benefits to the masses