Since Facebook has over 1.1 billion users at present, it’s important we discuss some of the newest trends regarding marketing your chiropractic practice on this powerful platform. Times have changed and so has the world’s largest social network. The last thing you want to appear is outdated and out-of-touch with your patients and prospective ones. This article will help you get up to speed in the new year.Chiropractic Facebook marketingIf you don’t have a large presence on Facebook, research studies show that consumers trust you less. It’s kind of like twenty years ago when “everyone” was in the yellow pages. If you weren’t in that directory, you looked suspect and people were more skeptical in regard to your brand. Why? It’s because every reputable business was in there.The consumer mindset has shifted but the same principle applies to Facebook. There’s no use in fighting the trend or holding-out any longer. You’ve got to start marketing your practice like it’s the actual year we live in and have an overwhelming presence on the social network… period!With that said, here’s what you need to know this year so you can be more effective.

1. Facebook has Hijacked your Fans and Friends

[quote_center]Did you know that on any given status update, only 7-10% of your fans / friends see your status?[/quote_center] Yes, you read that correctly. All of those people that came to your Facebook business page over the years, clicked the like button, became fans expecting to see your content regularly are more than likely be not getting your updates now. That will come as a shock to many unsuspecting chiropractors.
Facebook is a business and now wants you to pay for news feed visibility. Yeah, it’s kind of a bummer. However, there’s no sense in getting worked-up about this bait and switch. We as chiropractors must adapt or perish. The gatekeepers have reared their ugly head again. If you want the large reach, you’re going to have to pay.

2. Facebook is NOT your Home

"Like" symbol on blue backgroundOne of the biggest mistakes so many doctors have made over the years is that they’ve used the social network as their central hub of communication online. They’ve driven much of their traffic in their videos, blogs, press releases, and articles to the social network to get more fans.
The problem with this has always been that you and I don’t control what Facebook does tomorrow.Facebook could update their algorithm (like they did) and crush your visibility overnight and your ability to get your message to your audience. Less visibility = diminished exposure = decreased website traffic = fewer people walking through your door.
Ideally, you should be building an email list of prospective patients. You do this by offering something of value on your website in exchange for a name and email. For instance, you might offer a free report titled, “3 Questions You Must Ask Before Choosing a Chiropractor” or “5 Mistakes Most Make When Choosing a Chiropractor.”
Make the report consumer friendly and address the commonly asked questions as well as the myths that surround chiropractic. This is so we can overcome objections before they consciously arise in the prospective patients mind.
We need to build an email list because most people aren’t ready to come and see you on the first online interaction.They hardly know you. When they’re on your email list, you can deliver great informative content, patient case studies, and then make an exceptional offer. We have to get people to know, like and trust us first. The goal is to build a relationship and a strong bond with subscribers.

3. Beating Facebook’s news feed filter

If you’re looking to maximize your reach and post distribution on the social network, pay close attention. Of all the engagement factors, comments are the most important. The more comments you get to each status update, the more exposure you get in the news feed. Simple. “Likes” and shares are great but in my experience comments can give your posts the most legs and viral exposure.So, how do you create this type of engagement?Ask open ended questions. Have image caption contests. Incorporate fill in the blank or multiple choice status updates to spark conversation. Not only that, make sure you are commenting on your own threads. As Facebook sees this windfall of engagement, they end-up showing the content to more of your friends / fans.

4. Facebook Advertising: The Holy Grail of Promotion

After spending over a half million dollars personally on Facebook advertising and managing close to a million dollars in ads for other companies, I will encourage you to “get while the gettin’s good.” The social network’s ads platform is the FASTEST way to reach critical mass in your market and mold public perception.Funny… we, as chiropractors always talk about hitting the mainstream but so few doctors seem to be doing what it takes to get there. Social media and strategic Facebook advertising is one of those things that can influence hundreds of millions if done right.
You can run ads all day long and shape what you want the public to think about chiropractic, much like what drug companies have done using expensive television advertising. Our best ads are getting .08 cents per website click (CPC) with over 6% click through rate (CTR)!You should strive for below .33 cents per click, though. Anything higher than that means you’re doing something wrong.
The landing pages you’re driving the traffic to should get at least 10 people out of 100 to give you their name and email in exchange for something of value (free report, video trainings, etc.). In my flagship training, Social Media Elite, I walk you through all the ins and outs of Facebook advertising so you can look over my shoulder and get it right the first time without wasting money.
This is also another way to beat the algorithm filter if you have the budget. You can “boost” a status update. Once you post something, look on the right below the update and you’ll see a little blue button that says “boost post.” With that option you can target your business page fans, friends of fans, or a custom local audience. I would get in the habit of boosting your best content.
The social landscape is consistently changing. We, as chiropractors, need to stay abreast of these updates so we don’t get left behind. Facebook is not a fad and there’s a HUGE opportunity for those who are open minded, willing to put the time in along with creating systems that feed the office for years to come.Not only can you get more exposure, website traffic and new patients through your doors, but you can also help slingshot the profession in a positive light to the masses. Check-out my blog for more powerful trainings that grow your practice quickly using sites like Facebook, YouTube, Google, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.
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