If you’re still hot on the pursuit of trying to find Mr. or Mrs. Wonderful, perhaps its time to step away from eHarmony and start looking into the medical field. Of all the doctors whom you should consider, we suggest that you would be foolish not to date a Chiropractor.

Why? Check out these seven reasons and let us know if any of these tickle your fancy:

1. Anatomy

Lets start with the obvious, Doctors of Chiropractic know their anatomy. No other doctor in the world has a more in depth knowledge of anatomy and physiology than a Chiropractor.  Matter of fact, they spend over 450 hours in classes learning every small detail about the human body. They specialize in observing, measuring and touching even the smallest intricacies of your body.

2. Smarty Pants

Chiropractors are smart- They went through A LOT of schooling to get where they’re at. They had to take thousands of hours of science and math classes that would make the average head spin! Doctors begin by completing an undergraduate degree in a life science or healthcare-focused degree. Once in Chiropractic college they spend another four years in classes, followed by internships, four grueling national boards, and then, ultimately, apply for their license to practice.summer holidays, dating, city break and tourism concept - couple

3. They’re Committed

All of the schooling, studying, training and practicing took a lot of effort and dedication to complete. Dating a Chiropractor has many pros and this is a big one. Hopefully, they can apply the same commitment that they had to career preparation to you and your relationship.

4. Two of the Best Hands in the World

For many, this may be best the best reason to date a DC. By the time each doctor graduates from Chiropractic college they will have most likely put their hands on thousands of people of all different shapes and sizes. Want a back rub, need someone to massage your tired muscles away? Flat out, Chiropractors have the best touch in the healthcare business.summer holidays and dating concept - couple in the city

5. Health Nuts

We all want to date someone who is physically fit and can keep us on our toes. There is no other healthcare professionals in this arena that are more physically fit than a DC.  They tend to watch their diets very closely, love to exercise and enjoy being in the outdoors. Whether its running on the beach, hiking in the mountains, or spending the day by a stream, you will find that most Chiropractors are very active individuals.

6. Financially Stable

Chiropractors make money.  One of the fabulous perks of dating a doctor is their bank account. According to Marketwatch, Chiropractors are ranked #1 in job security for 2015. The median income for 2012 for a DC was $66K and Chiropractic is projected to grow by 15% in the next five years. With specialties in chiropractic ranging from pediatrics, sports, family care and others; the Chiropractic profession is one that will be here for many more generations to come.

7. Free Adjustments

Lets get real for second. How can you turn down free adjustments? You can’t! Best part is if you are married to a Chiropractor, then you most likely get adjusted whenever and wherever you want. Headache? Low Back Pain? Feeling a bit under the weather?   Not anymore!   Your soon to be love bug will be happy to adjust you and keep you living to your fullest.